The following is a list of Elders and/or Deacons who have served at Old Argo.  
The records are from 1957 to the present.  
The congregation voted to have unicameral Board of Elders on January 4, 1981. 

Otto Ruwwe           Ben Herndon            Rosemary Lechten          Willard Lanham        John Moss

Andy Ruwwe          Byron Bell                Ray Moss                       Jerry Swain              Joe Ritchey          

Ferd Underwood     Bob Turner              Dolph Halmich                Edward Janish          Cathlee Swain

June Moss              Rick Stumpe            Ron Hardecke                 Fred Riefer               Stanley Koch

Norman Stumpe     John Schafer           Steve Stumpe                  Kevin Stumpe           Garry Daugherty

Dotty Likely           Herbert Ruwwe        Dorothy Turner               Cavada Wells            Darla Feese

Nancy Moss           Kevin Sims               John Lechten                  Clyde Ruwwe            John Gross

Tim Campbell         Roy Poddig              Mark Thurmond              Darlene Tricamo      Tiffany Voss

Jeremy Stumpe      Bill Turner                Lisa May

On January 3, 1982, the congregation voted that members of the session are also to serve as trustees,

serving the same concurrent term as an elder.

Treasurers                                                 Clerks of Session                                            Deacons

Dixie Moss           1957-1959                     Norman Stumpe            1957-1961                Ila Faye Stumpe

Ida Halmich         1959-1972                      Ethel Riefer                   1961-1962                Jesse Smith

Delores Sego       1972-1977                     Mamie Ruwwe               1962-1979              

Sue Koch             1977-1980                     Rosemary Lechten         1979-2017           

Nancy Moss         1980-1985                     Penny Smith                  2017-Present

Barb Stumpe        1985-2005                                                                      

Joyce Poddig       2005-2010                     Current Session:

Kevin Stumpe      2010-2018                     Lisa May, Nancy Moss, Jeremy Stumpe, Kevin Stumpe, 

John Gross          2018 - Present               Bill Turner, Tiffany Voss

Pastor Rob Cardwell

Rev. Don Kratz

Rev. Charles Likely

Rev. George Bruner

Rev. Kay Mills

Rev. James B. Braly

Timeline of Pastors At Old Argo Presbyterian Church

1861 – 1905        |        Rev. James B. Braly and

                                    his sons' James and Jess

1920’s – 1930’s        |       Rev. Ernest Boyd

1943 – Jan. 1978        |       Rev. George Bruner

Feb. 1978 – Mar. 1981        |       Rev. Kay Mills

Apr. 1981 – Dec. 1982        |       Dr. Theodore Smylie

Dec. 1982 – Sep. 1985        |       Rev. Richard H. Watson

Sep. 1985 – Apr. 1993        |       Rev. Charles Likely

Oct. 1994 – Aug. 2002        |       Rev. Don Kratz

Jun. 2004 – present        |       Pastor Rob Cardwell